Who has developed Landcarer?

Landcarer has been developed by Landcare Australia, and is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Development of the platform was initiated in 2019, after receiving funding from the Australian Government for the project. Landcarer was built with a vision: to help community Landcare groups succeed in their practices and share their local knowledge.

By creating a free online platform for Landcare volunteers and workers to use, Landcare Australia aims to help these groups flourish – positively impacting Australia’s natural environment. Enhancing project management, connectivity, and knowledge sharing in the Landcare space will foster a more resilient and successful Landcare movement.

Landcare Australia is committed to working with all stakeholders to ensure that Landcarer meets the needs of the Landcare community. As such, Landcare Australia is always keen to receive feedback on the current state of the platform, and what improvements ought to be made to ensure it best helps communities.

Furthermore, Landcarer is not a profit driven ambition. Landcare Australia has no intention of profiteering off the platform. Simply put, Landcare Australia just wants to help landcarers anyway they can.

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