Who can use Landcarer?

You might be thinking, so who can use Landcarer?

The answer: anyone with a passion for caring for the land. Whether you are a farmer, a volunteer at a local landcare group, someone engaged in natural resource management, someone in Bushcare, Friends of, or Coastcare, or any community group that works to protect the natural environment, it doesn’t matter – you are welcome!

Landcarer is designed to connect. The more diverse the crowd, the more interesting the conversation. By bringing everyone together Landcarer can become the prime location to get diverse input on your own environmental practices and projects.

And if you are sitting there thinking: gee, I am not part of any of the above, but I sure would love to be. Then get an account! What better way to get involved than to drop right into the thick of it.

In short, get an account! We would love to have you.

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