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Everyone loves a good yarn! The stories section is a great place to share your updates, your successes and your plans with people who share your passion. Click on the green circle with the plus sign on the Stories home page to create your story. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind which may help your storytelling:

  • Categories: By choosing which categories your story falls under, people who are interested in reading about those categories can easily find it.
  • Write your title: Try and write a specific and concise title which communicates the value of your story to your audience, e.g. Electric fencing helps vulnerable butterly species to fly conveys more value than Local group works to help butterfly population.
  • Topics: You can select which topics are covered so people can find your story when they’re searching for content under specific topics.
  • Photos: A picture paints a thousand words. Be sure to add photos to bring your words to life.
  • Content: This is the main body of your story. Remember the Who, What, Where, When, Who and How. Writing in short sentences is the best way of helping people easily understand what points you’re trying to get across. Putting yourself in your audiences’ shoes is also a great way to write, meaning you’ll be sure to include the most important information. Happy storytelling!
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