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Setting up and managing a Community Group

The Community Groups section is where you can set up, join or search for a community group. Any group or organisation involved in Landcare-related activities can join, including Coastcare, Dunecare, Bushcare, Friends of, Junior Landcare, government entities, Landcare state and territory organisations, and many many more.

On this page you can see and search for all the community groups that are registered on Landcarer, and see a list of the community groups you’ve selected as a ‘favourite’ or followed.


Add a Community Group

If you would like to add your group to the Community Groups area, click the round + button in the top right of the screen in the Community Groups section. Follow the prompts to fill out all the necessary information. Once you have added your group to join the group by registering on Landcarer and following your group. They can also click to join the group by selecting the three dots icon to the right of the message button under the group name on its homepage and selecting ‘I am a member of this group’.

Manage your Community Group

If you have created a Community Group or have been made an admin of one, everything you need to be able to manage your community can be found by opening your Community Group and clicking on the settings icon on the bottom right of the cover photo. From here a menu will open and you can choose to manage, close or delete your community group.

Once you select to manage your community group, you will see a menu on the left of the page with all areas that you can edit. Through this menu, you can edit and update:

  • Community Group info, including name, location, contact information, etc.
  • Cover photos
  • Your page, to manage what features and projects are displayed in your Community Group
  • Member roles, including who is an admin of your Community Group
  • Role settings, including what an admin, guest or member is permitted to do
  • Announcements, allowing you to post announcements to your members
  • Modules, allowing you to view or add modules including photos, videos and stories

Report Community Group

On a community group page, under their name, you’ll see a button with three dots to the right of the message button. You can click this and select to Report Community Group to the Landcarer team for breaching our End User Licence Agreement. Select your reason, including a comment if you want to, and click submit.

Community Group profile

You can click on any Community Group in this section to view their profile and information, including where they operate, the types of projects they work on, how they can be contacted, and what activity they’re involved in on Landcarer.

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