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set up and manage a project

Projects is the section where you can set up your project on Landcarer. Whether your project is planting trees, pulling weeds, or building nest boxes Landcarer ‘Projects’ is the place to be. Through our ‘Projects’ feature you can coordinate and collaborate with other people on the project, keep documents, photos, videos related to it, and provide updates in one place. And soon you will also have the ability to track your projects progress and map information on your environmental impacts with our Data Reporting Tool.

Main Menu

Once you log into Landcarer, and go to ‘Projects’ on the top menu, you will see a dropdown menu of the following items:

  • All projects: By clicking on this you will see a list of all projects that are visible to the Landcarer user community. You can search for a project using a keyword in the search bar on the top of the page.
  • My projects: This is a list of the projects you’ve set up or joined.
  • Connection’s projects: These are the projects people you are connected to on Landcarer have joined or set up.

Location of Projects on Main Menu indicatedTo join a group, simply click on the green join button on the right hand side. Once you join a group you will be able to enter the discussion about it, coordinate with the facilitators, and see that project’s posts in your feed.

Starting a Project

To start a project, click on the big green ‘Create Project’ button that sits on the right side of the page in the projects section.

Display listing projectsYou can select the category that best suits your project if you

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