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Did you know there’s a feature on Landcarer that allows you to run a poll with the whole Landcarer community?

You might be trying to find out which particular pest control method people have had most success with. Or maybe you want to pick some brains about proven volunteer recruitment or engagement tactics.

By creating a Landcarer poll you can get feedback from other Landcarer users.

When you log into Landcarer, click to Add Poll in the green shortcuts menu on the left of the page to get started.

Location of button to create poll

This will open an ‘Add New Poll’ page, where you can add the details for your poll. You’ll need to start with the question you are asking. Keep it clear and simple for people to understand!

You can include some information in the Description box to give people an idea of why you’re running the poll and what you’re looking to get out of it.

If you’d like to include your group logo or a photo to illustrate the poll you can drag and drop the file into the green box underneath the description.

There is space for four potential answers for your poll, with the option to ‘Add More’ underneath these if you’d like to.

At the bottom of the page you have some options to choose from:

Public Votes: You can choose whether to display which option people have voted for, or hide that information. Simply click the button icon to green if you’d like to display it.

Allow multiple choice: Here you can select whether you’d like people to be able to select more than one option or not.

Set Close Time: If you’d like to leave your poll open for a set period of time, you can choose to Set Close Time and add the date and time that the poll will automatically close. You’ll need to select this option and edit the poll once it’s live to select your preferred date and time.

Privacy: Finally, you can choose whether your poll can be seen by Friends on Landcarer, Friends or Friends, or just yourself.

Once you’ve made your selections you can click to Submit the poll, which will make it live.

Indicates where to fill out information to create a poll

Then you should be taken to this page.

Indication of where to change color and edit

Once you’ve submitted your poll you can edit the colours in the design by clicking on the default colour circles at the top of the ‘Design your poll’ box. Once you’re finished you can click the green button to ‘Save’.

Then, sit back and watch the responses come in! Hope this helps!!

Gear wheel location for editing

To make any changes to your poll once it’s gone live, click on the settings icon on the top right of the poll and you can edit the poll settings, the design, or delete the poll.

To choose a closing date and time, you can go into edit your poll and select from the calendar that pops up under ‘Set Close Time’.  Just make sure to save any changes you make.

Once people start to vote on your poll you’ll be able to see the votes in real time. People will also be able to comment on your poll with any feedback or ideas.

If you are having trouble with any of this, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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