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register as an online delegate

Are you interested in becoming an online delegate for our upcoming 2021 National Landcare Conference?

Well, if you are, here are some quick steps to take to make that happen. In this How-To, we walk you through how to become an online delegate if you do have a Landcarer account, and how to become one if you haven’t yet created an account.

I don’t have a Landcarer account

Getting started – to get started you need to create an account 

To do this click on the top right of the webpage and click on ‘Getting Started’.

Display you see as a new user

Create your account, choosing your unique username and password. Once you have completed this, click on the end links to licencing agreement and privacy policy before clicking on the toggle to accept. This will allow you to go onto the next setup stage.

Fill out the next steps, providing your Phone number, residing area and interests and how you heard about us. When you get to the required field *National Landcare Conference Online Delegate Registration click ‘Yes’ – and BOOM you are now an online delegate!

Online Delegate toggle button


I have a Landcarer account

When you are on the Landcarer feed, go find the down facing arrow in the top right of your screen.

gear icon indicated

When you click it, a pencil will appear on the right side. Click this pencil or, it will take you into the edit profile page.

Where to go to click on account settings

Scroll down until you see the National Landcare Conference Online Delegate Registration header.

Underneath you will see YES or No. Toggle the yes button, this will register you as an online delegate for the National Landcare conference.

Scroll down again until you see the update button. Be sure to click the update button to make sure your registration is saved and updated.

Landcare toggle button

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