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Managing membership renewals for a group can be a tricky and cumbersome process. Maybe people want to use varying methods to pay, or maybe you might not have a comprehensive record of your membership list where the whole committee can access it.  Whatever the complexities are, Landcarer is there to try to make this process as seamless as possible.

By managing your group’s membership renewal process through Landcarer you can have all your membership data in one secure place, offer the option of online payments to your members, manage offline payments, and export your membership data at any time.

It’s free and easy, and you can make sure the people in your group who need access to your membership data can find it whenever they need to from any computer.

In this guide we’ll walk you through the steps involved in setting up your membership renewals on Landcarer.

Although the initial set-up takes a little time, it’s a one-off process. Once you’ve done it you can continue to use the feature every year by just editing the information you need to within your membership listings.

     1. Set up your group on Landcarer

To be able to set up your membership on Landcarer you’ll firstly need to set up your Group, so your membership can be linked to it. You’ll find a full how-to guide on setting up your Group on our support website.

     2. Setting up online payments

This is definitely the most complicated part of the process. Once you’ve completed it, it’ll be plain sailing from then on, and you only need to do it once.

To be able to take payments securely online, you need to set up an account with either Paypal or Stripe, which are both commonly used by community groups and small businesses. Using one of these platforms will ensure that the people’s financial details are protected. You’ll also need a bank account to link your PayPal or Stripe accounts to.

They are very easy to set up and manage, and have excellent support resources available to help you through each stage of the process.


To set up a PayPal account you need to visit and follow the steps below which will be outlined in greater detail on the PayPal website. For online payments in Australia PayPal currently charges a fee of 2.6% of the transaction amount plus 30 cents, e.g. for a $25 membership fee it would cost 95 cents. Details of PayPal’s fee structure are here:

  1. Visit the business section of PayPal and visit the Getting Started section to read more information about how it works
  2. You can then sign up with your chosen email address, providing the required information about your group
  3. Link and verify your bank account
  4. All payments will accumulate in your PayPal account, and you can choose to manually transfer from PayPal account to your bank account, or set up a nightly automatic transfer.


To check out the resources PayPal has available to help you set up your account, please visit –


Stripe is another popular option, which is slightly more complicated than PayPal, but still easy to set up by vising and following the steps below. You can set up automatic transfers from Stripe to your bank account. Stripe currently charges 1.75% plus 30 cents, e.g. a 74 cent fee on a $25 membership fee. Their pricing information can be found here –

  1. Go to and click on the ‘Start Now’ button
  2. Sign up with your chosen email address
  3. After you enter your email and password, you’ll need to active your account by adding your business details (see screenshot below). You’ll also need to link and verify your bank account.
  4. Once your account is live you’ll be able to access your live API keys, which you’ll need to add to your Landcarer account.
  5. You will be provided with a Stripe Publishable Key and Secret Key. These need to be ‘live’ keys that are created when you have activated your account, and you’ll eventually add them to your Landcarer account.
  6. You can then choose to set up automatic transfer from Stripe to your bank account.

Stripe’s Support website has lots of resources to help you figure out how to get started using the platform, and can be found here –

Image of Stripe

Once you have set up your chosen payment method, you need to update these details in your Landcarer account settings. Simply log on, and access your account settings via the small down arrow button at the very top right of the page.

Landcarer Newsfeed Image

Add your Paypal or Stripe account details, or both if you have them, and click the green ‘Save’ button.

Where to go for membership renewal set up button

      3. Creating your membership listing

Now you need to create your listing on Landcarer to enable your members to pay for their membership online.

You’ll need to be logged into Landcarer, and in your Group page. Click on Membership in the menu under your cover photo.

Indicates where to find membership button

Once you’re in the ‘Membership’ section, click on the green button with the plus sign on the right side of the page to create a listing.

You’ll need to include how much your membership costs, what it includes, choose the term for which it’s valid, and add any photos you’d like to use to illustrate your listing.

If you have multiple options available with different costs for each one, you’ll need to create multiple membership listings, e.g. annual membership, lifetime membership, concession membership.

The sections you’ll need to complete in the listing as you move down the page are:

  • Title: This is where you include the name of your membership listing, e.g. Annual membership – this is for your reference so you can keep track of multiple listings.
  • Photo: You’ll need to include at least one photo here to illustrate the listing
  • Price: Include how much your membership costs, leaving the default setting of Australian dollars.
  • Instant payment: You need to click the checkbox here to use your Paypal or Stripe payment methods to allow online payments.
  • Payment methods: Check the box here for which payment method you’d like people to use.
  • Short Description: Here you give a title so your group members know what they’re purchasing. This will be the title of the membership listing that people see when they visit your group.
  • Membership information: Include any information in here that a member will need to know, e.g. how long the membership runs for, what benefits they receive as a member, who they can contact if they have any questions.
  • Country: The country listed here is Australia, and you can add Location Detail by clicking and including your group address if you’d like to.
  • Category: This menu exists so we can add more categories in the future, but for now it’s just for membership.
  • Payment details/Membership Period: Here you can select how long the membership lasts for.
  • End date: You can check the box if you’d like to set an end date for your current membership rates or set a time limit for when people can sign up.

Once you’ve added all your information, you can save your listing as a draft or click to ‘Publish and Proceed’.

Image showing all membership renewal information fields

Once your listing has been published you can select to Send Invites to anyone you think will want to purchase a membership by clicking on the Send Invites tab. You can select from your connections on Landcarer or add email addresses.

Where to click when inviting people to become members

Once you’ve finished doing this, click the green Send Invitations button. They will receive an email with a link to your membership listing so they can go straight to Landcarer to purchase it. They will need to be registered on Landcarer and signed in to be able to buy the membership.

Once you’ve clicked to Finish, you’ll see your live membership listing.

      4. Managing your membership listings

By clicking on the wheel icon on the right of the page you can access a menu to edit your listing, send invitations, add more photos or delete the listing. You can also copy the URL to your membership listing and send this onto people who need it.

Annual Membership fee

You’ll also see a menu on the right side of the page to help manage your membership listings:

  • My Listings: Just like clicking on the Membership tab, this will simply open all the membership listings that you have created.
  • My Invoices: Here you can access invoices from anyone who has paid for a membership of your group or started the process. You can see the status of their payment, purchase date and which membership they’ve purchased.


  • Sellers Management: Here you can export details associated with your listings, and import details of members who’ve paid offline. You’ll need to search for a specific listing and add a timeframe.

Toggling dates for renewal

To export your member list, simply click the green Export button. An excel file will automatically download containing all information relevant to the listing you’ve selected. This includes Invoice number, name, email address, payment method and status, and membership expiry date.

If you have members who prefer to pay in cash or by cheque, you can still add them to the records you’re keeping on Landcarer by using the green Import from CSV button. You’ll need a CSV file (this is an- excel document) with the information you want included ready. The document will need to be in the right format so the data included matches the data captured through Landcarer. Download a sample CSV/Excel file using this link – – and add the information you need.

File upload location

You then click Import and in the next window click to choose file, selecting the file in which you’ve saved all your information. Select the file, and once you’ve done that, click the green ‘Import’ button. The data on your spreadsheet will then be automatically added to the membership listing you’ve chosen.

     5. Paying for membership

Your members will need to be registered for Landcarer and signed in to pay for your membership listing. They can access it by visiting your group page or clicking directly on a link if you’ve sent them an invitation.

Once they’re on your membership listing page they’ll need to click on the green ‘Pay Now’ button. Once they’ve done that they’ll see a window pop up which tells them which payment methods are accepted. They can choose whichever payment gateway they prefer if you’re offering both, and once they click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ they’ll be directed to either PayPal or Stripe to complete their payment.

Displays where to click to pay for memebership

If someone needs a copy of their invoice, you can access it in the ‘My Invoices’ section as outlined in section four above about managing your membership listings.

If you are having trouble with any of this, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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