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How to view a Webinar


There are a lot of fantastic resources you can access on Landcarer. One of them is webinars. Many webinars are hosted on Landcarer, including the Landcare Webinar Series. If you are interested in watching webinars on the program read through this quick “How-To”.

In order to access the webinars on Landcarer you must be logged into the platform. If you haven’t got an account, you will need to create one first.

We recommend that you stay logged in to your account so that the next time you want to watch or access something on Landcarer it is right there!

To access webinars on the platform use the navigation menu on the left side of the landing page when you log in. Click on “View Webinars”.

From there you should be able to see all the past and upcoming webinars on Landcarer.

Simply click on the title of the webinar you would like to view to open the webinar. When it opens, you will see the webinar in the middle of your screen. You can view the webinar by pressing play.

Make sure you put which webinars you want to watch and the times they are occurring in your calendar in order to remind yourself. Invite others to attend by sharing the URL of the session with friends and colleagues. If you want to use a recording for your own website as a resource get into contact and we can help you set that up!

To ask a question during a live webinar you can enter comments in the comments section below the stream. Questions are extremely appreciated by presenters, so ask away!

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