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how to create an event

If your group is running an event and you’d like to let people know about it, you can add an event to the Landcarer platform. It’s a great way of keeping the event information up to date in one place, adding photos to illustrate what you’re doing, nominating admins to help you manage it, and sharing it with your connections and group members on Landcarer.

When you log into Landcarer, you need to click on ‘Add Event’ in the green ‘Shortcuts’ menu on the left of the page.

Main page location of Event Creation button

This will open a new event page.

Data fields to enter information in when doing an event

This page is where you need to start filling in your event details. Here provide some information about your event, including:

  • An event title that’s no more than 100 characters
  • The most appropriate category for your event, selected from the dropdown ‘Category’ menu
  • A photo or logo to illustrate your event, which you can drag and drop into the green box. You can add multiple photos and they will be displayed in a slider format that people can scroll through. There is a maximum photo size of 500kb, so you may need to resize your photo before uploading it.
  • Information people need to know about your event, including what will be happening, what people need to wear or bring, and what they can expect. Put all this information into the description box.

Events information page displayed

  • Choose to have an event without tickets by leaving the Ticket check box blank. If you’d like to include a ticket option, simply check the box and choose if it’s a ‘Free’ or ‘Paid’ ticket. You can then include a link to where people can access their free ticket or buy one using a platform like Event Brite.
  • A date and time for when the event will start and finish.
  • Whether it is a single event or regularly occurring one, like a group meeting or working bee. You can select to repeat ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’ or ‘Monthly’ using the ‘Repeat’ dropdown menu.
  • In the ‘Location/Venue’ bar you can type the address details for the event.
  • If you’d like people who are interested in the event to be sent a reminder about it, click the ‘Notification Reminder’ box.
  • Finally, on this screen you decide the privacy for your event, choosing from your Landcarer Friends, Friends or Friends, or just yourself.

When you are ready to finalise all the details click the ‘Create Event’ button.

The next screen you see will ask if you’d like to add more photos to your event, or invite people to it.

Where to invite people to an eventIn the Photos tab you will see an Upload new photos button. Click on this to add more photos, and drag and drop photos into the green box that appears, before clicking to Finish Upload.

How to select connections to invite them to an event displayed

In the Invite Guests tab you can search your Landcarer connections and select which ones to invite by clicking the check box on their profile photo.

You can also include email addresses here, and a message for people, before clicking to Send Invitations.

If you’d prefer to skip this bit you can just click the green Finish button.

Once you’ve clicked the Finish button you’ll see your event listing. People can click on the dropdown menu to the right of the event date to select if they’re attending, not attending or maybe attending. They can click the thumbs up button to ‘like’ your event, or leave a comment or question under the listing.

Where to edit event once created

If you’d like to make any changes to your event, you can click on the settings wheel icon on the right of the listing and select to ‘Edit Event’. You can change the details in this section, including date, description and photos.

You can also select to invite more people to come, manage your guest list or delete your event.

If you’d like to send a message with an event update or reminder to everyone who is attending your event you can click to ‘Mass Email Guests’.

You may have another colleague or friend who’s helping you manage the event. If this is the case you can nominate them as an Admin of your event listing, so they can make changes and send updates to attendees. To do this click to ‘Edit Event’ in the settings menu and click on the ‘Admin’ tab. Once you’re in there you can search for a connection, select them and click the green ‘Update’ button. You need to be connected (hyperlink to how to connect) to someone on Landcarer to nominate them as an admin.

Where to go to do admin work on an event

There you have everything that goes into setting an event up on Landcarer, inviting people, nominating other admins and sending updates.

If you are having trouble with any of this, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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