How to Guide

Connecting with people

Clicking on People under the Connect menu will take you to where everyone who has signed up to Landcarer is listed. You can browse, or search for someone you may know. On the right of the screen you will see a list of which of your Landcarer connections are online. You can import connections through the import your contacts section on the left side of the page.

You can view information about your own profile or other members’ profiles by clicking on a profile picture or the circle with a person’s initials in it. You will then see three buttons underneath the profile picture area on the left of the page:

This area shows the person’s updates, activity, list of connections, recent photos, and more.

The info page contains basic info, such as a member’s last login and how long they’ve been a member.

This page shows who a member is connected with.

Other actions

On the right side of the cover photo area you will see three dots. If you click on these you have the option to report this member to the Landcarer team, gift the member Landcarepoints or remove this member as a friend.

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