Welcome to your new Landcarer!

You might have noticed that Landcarer has a new look. We hope you’ll find it easier than ever to connect and collaborate.

Here we’ll give you a very brief overview of what is covered in each of the main features, and give you the links to download our PDF how-to guides.

Download a more in-depth overview of the new structure, and the key features by clicking here.

Our main features are:

This section is where you see who is on Landcarer. You can search for people by location or interest, making it easier to connect with the people who share your passion.


The groups section is where you’ll find Landcare, Bushcare, Coastcare, Friends of groups, networks and other organisations. You can search for groups or set up your own, and bring your members together in one, secure, online space created just for you.

Download the guide for Groups by clicking here.


Similar to Facebook groups, communities are based on a shared interest or goal. You can browse existing communities here, and set up your own. Landcarer communities making collaborating on a shared goal easier than ever.

Download the guide to Communities, by clicking here.


You can set up your project on Landcarer, invite other people to be part of it, and keep documents, photos, videos, and updates in one place.

Download the guide to Projects, by clicking here.

We have more great updates in the pipeline, including a new mobile app, and a project monitoring tool!

We’d also really love to hear about any other features that you’d like to see, or any other feedback about Landcarer’s new look.

Please get in touch with us through our feedback form here.


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