Landcarer – what’s it all about?

Imagine if there was a way to bring the tens of thousands people involved in the Landcare community from across the country closer together.

A way to make it easy for people in Queensland to connect with people in Victoria working on similar projects.

Imagine a vibrant online community where people caring for our land and water could come together without all the noise.

A place where you could access webinars, podcasts, and stories you want to consume. Somewhere you could kick off a discussion or ask a question.

This is what Rohan imagined.

Rohan is the Innovation and Technology Manager at Landcare Australia. There isn’t much about digital and online technology that Rohan doesn’t know. Basically, he believes that online technology can be used to make it easier for people to get stuff done, and that’s where Landcarer comes from.

Rohan’s vision is for Landcarer to help create a thriving and connected Landcare community working together. He wants to work together with you to help make this happen. He wants Landcarer to be a dynamic and engaged online community for anyone who is involved with Landcare, Bushcare, Friends of, Coastcare, Swampcare, Dunecare, and all the other cares!

What started as an idea, is now happening. This is Landcarer. Where you can connect with people who share your passion. With your help we know that Landcarer can achieve great things – and we can’t wait to get started!

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