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Welcome to your new Landcarer!

You might have noticed that Landcarer has a new look. We hope you'll find it easier than ever to connect and collaborate. In this blog you'll find all the guides you'll need to find your way around your new look online community!

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Setting up and managing your group!

If you’re looking for one online platform for your group, you’re in the right place! Manage your membership renewals, share stories and updates, and set up events all in one place. Here are a few tips on how to get started!

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Manage your membership renewals with Landcarer!

Is managing the renewal of your group’s memberships a cumbersome process? Does it eat into your time and take longer than it should? You may be glad to read that we have a solution!

Catch up on our webinar on digital tools!

Did you miss our webinar on making digital tools work for your group? Don't despair! You can catch up on all the hot tips and tricks right here.

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Seven steps to writing a great story

We know that everyone has a story to tell, but sometimes it can be hard to know how to start. Here are our top tips for telling a great story.

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5 ways to make Landcarer work for you

We know you have something to contribute, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when you sign up to something new. So here are five easy ways to make Landcarer work for you!

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Landcarer – what’s it all about?

Imagine a vibrant online community where people caring for our land and water could come together without all the noise. A place where you could access webinars, podcasts, and stories you want to consume. Somewhere you could kick off a discussion or

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