5 ways to make Landcarer work for you

Landcarer is all about community and collaboration. It’s about people – including you! We know you have something to contribute, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when you sign up to something new. So here are five easy way to make Landcarer work for you.

  1. Set up your profile

By personalising your profile you make it easier for people to get to know you. Everyone loves to put a face to the name! Add a profile photo, and some information about yourself so you can connect with people who share your interests. You can also add a cover photo, which is a great way of showing people where you do your Landcare work.

  1. Invite your friends and colleagues

The best communities are filled with people who want to engage and contribute to make things happen. Once you sign up to Landcarer it’s easy to invite your contacts to sign up to. You can select to import your contacts from email accounts, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and they’ll be sent invitations to sign up. It’s a great way of building community and starting collaborations.

  1. Share something

Have you got some great photos of your on-ground work? Maybe you could make a short video to show people around your site. You could have an inspirational story of something your group has achieved that could help others. It’s really easy to share your photos, videos or stories on Landcarer. It’s also a great way of inspiring and connecting with people and starting conversations. You could commit to sharing one post a week and see how your Landcarer community grows!

  1. Make connections

While the Landcarer community is growing, we’re leaving it open so everyone can see what is being shared. Once the community gets bigger and busier we’ll need to change that so people won’t be inundated. We’ll be setting it so you’ll be able to see what your connections have posted. You don’t need to wait until then to connect with people though – now is the best time! You can browse users, search by location or interest and send connection requests. Connecting is the first step to collaboration!

  1. Set up or join a group

There are some really cool tools for groups to use on Landcarer. You can invite members to join and share events, photos, videos or documents with them. Multiple members can collaborate on project reporting and you can have multiple admins to keep the group up to date. You can also follow any groups you’re interested in even if you’re not a member. We’d also love to hear from you about what online tools you think your group would love access to and we can see if Landcarer can help!

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